Kick-off Meeting (January 22-23, 2021)

The Kick-off Meeting is conceived as an illustration of the Project and its goals, not only to the academic community, but also to national and local stakeholders, either public or private entities. On the same occasion, keynote speeches will be given, with the presenters focusing on the influence of EU policies and legislation in the field of payment services. The introductory debate will be concerned also on the organization of the activities for the implementation of the Project.

ELSOBA Kick-off Programme_22-23 January 2021

List of participants



Presentation BOŽINA BEROŠ (What Role for Supervisors? A Comment on the PSD2 Supervisory Framework)

Presentation RIBAS-FERRER (Open banking conceptual and regulatory framework)

Presentation PROFETA (Beyond PSD2. New Digital Payments)

Presentation GIMIGLIANO (The ECJ and the pending preliminary ruling on banknotes and coins)